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Always is difficult to make your self-introduction , but the effort becomes an interesting exercise. As starting, I'll say I am a sevillian nurse 41 years old, with a frustrated vocation of adventuress, what have found out a little late, not too much, I hope so, the computers's power and its possibilities of communication. I never tought to have so many friends all around the world and to meet so wonderful people. Actually I live in Mairena del Aljarafe and I work in Coria del Rio (both near Seville), in a nursing's consulting with cronic patients. I love travelling, reading, walking with Troyka, crosswords and over all "internetting". My favorite sport is cuddling in front of a nice fireplace,spending a nice and quiet evening.fireplace
I spent so much time in this of Internet, that it was the origin of a wedding included. I met Eugeni, my husband, in the net and after a "cyberengagement" we got married in August 30 1997. Nobody knows never where can find the happiness...If you want look at a cuple of pictures of our wedding, click on that small pics.

My impossible dreams

Sailing in any of this boats.

Living here (or somewhere alike).


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